Are you dreaming of joining an innovative and dynamic team? To offer your creativity and skills in the service of innovative technological products for the environmental challenges of
the maritime sector ?

We are hiring our future talents !

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Responsable marketing 

Published 07/09/2021
AYRO – Responsable Marketing – HR-MKG-003

Chef de Projet Yachting

Published 03/09/2021
AYRO – Chef de Projet Yachting – HR-PM-001

Sales manager 

Published 16/08/2021
AYRO – Sales Manager – HR-COM-001 16 Aug 2021

R&D Software Manager

Published 13/08/2021
AYRO – R&D Software Manager – Ref HR-ENG-009

Ingénieur Conception

Published 13/08/2021
AYRO – Concept Lead Eng – Ref HR-ENG-013

Ingénieur Aérodynamicien

Published 19/08/2021
AYRO – Aerodynamics CFD Eng – Ref HR ENG 014

Ingénieur Conception Composites

Published 13/08
AYRO – Composite Eng – Ref HR-ENG-012

Ingénieur calcul – Simulation Dimensionnement

Published 03/09/2021
Simulation & Analysis Eng – Ref HR-ENG-011