If nothing is done, shipping related emissions are predicted to rise by a staggering +250% by 2050

The International Maritime Organization set emissions reduction targets at global level, regional organization or countries are taking up the fight

Max. Sulphur Content for marine fuels

Emission Controlled Area (ECA zones : Existing and Possible)

Emissions have to be cut.
Ship owners are left with limited options.

Wind Propulsion is the only approach allowing for double digits fuel savings.

Other drivers could further incentivise ship owners.

The market size is important and uptake could be quick. European commisison and UK governement are taking notice.

Wind propulsion market size should range 2.600-2.900 $m /year at mid-century

Economic Opportunities from Low and Zero Emission Shipping. A Report for the Department for Transport (UK Governement)

Finally, among a number of Wind Propulsion systems,
litterature tells wingsails are the best of all systems

Overall it is concluded that the wing would be the best option for the ship owner.

CE Delft – Study on the analysis of market potentials and market barriers for wind propulsion technologies for ships (2016)